I received a phone call last Thursday about Mazda. This is less than 2 weeks after she went to their home. I was told how great she was and how well she has settled in yet as per my concerns above; it is their other dog and their jealousy etc. We all must make the best choices/decisions we can for our dogs and it is in Mazda’s best interest to come back to us. She was dropped off on January 21st at our home and we are just awaiting the return of all of her paperwork. As per the person that dropped her off; he said that he almost turned around 4 times on his way to our home as this is how much they really have come to love Mazda. It is just another re-affirmation as to how amazing Mazda is and while I am not happy about the failed adoption; I am also not surprised. As indicated to the home; with the right integration, time, dedication etc.; I believe that this would have been successful yet I do not want Mazda to suffer nor their other dog. This is my second failed adoption in 11 years of operating and we are back to taking applications for Mazda. AVAILABLE AGAIN FOR ADOPTION!!!!!