Frost ‘T has had all good days since the 17th of January, making it 5 bad days in 28. Nothing that we did not worry or stress over overly much when he was having some difficulties. I am still ill myself and will take Frost ‘T’ in for a re-weigh etc. as soon as I can. He is still not eating very well but he is in really good spirits and his eye is looking good though it is still very dilated and he is no longer on the meds. He is still limping a bit when he gets up due to slow circulation. He is sleeping more and more on the bean bag chairs over being on my bed due to ease of breathing as he can rest his head on the floor and thanks to all who continue to help us to find them! I plan on taking Frost ‘T’ with me to work next week to hang out as he LOVES it and misses it!