BHRR's Shiva has been scheduled to have her annual on February 11th, 2012 and here is an

Update from BHRR's Shiva's Temp Foster Home:

As for the lovely Shiva the Diva, she is doing just grand…like a true Diva, lol.  We are all having such a great time.  She has been granted total freedom when we leave the house.  The first two days of freedom were had a few minor glitches as she decided to investigate 'X's shaving kit by emptying everything within and spreading throughout the house.  I was quite surprised upon the discovery but yet impressed as she did not destroy anything.  She just needed to entertain herself to remedy her SA that day.  The other little event is tearing the head off one of my snowman decorations.  Again, nothing major and I had a little inside chuckle at this.  Since then, nothing.  A perfect house guest!!! 😉
Something that is cute about her is that she will not jump up on any furniture in our presence.  BUT, leave her alone and our home becomes her palace!!!!  She's been busted a few times on the couch, the bed and the futon!  She is just hilarious….I have a smirk on my face as I'm writing, lol.
We've been continuing our daily walks and playdates, weather permitting of course.  She is adapting more and more to the sounds of the city and meeting people on the street.  She loooooves her playdates.  We always choose a park or area that we mix up the on and off leash walks.  Everyone we meet is so impressed by her and how she behaves on and off leash.  She sure makes me proud.
Since the weather has been a bit less cooperative lately, we have been cooped up in the house during the cold snaps.  One of her favorite toys here is a orange ball hockey ball.  It's pretty much indestructible and we play fetch with it in the family room.  This is sooooo funny as she is limited in space but we figure it out.  She fetches and returns the ball to me, again….l'm so proud of her.  She galops and trips over herself while throwing the ball around on her own.  This is quite funny to watch.
Also, I due attest that doing her nails is so easy.  She is such a trooper.  She remains calm and shows no tendency to pull away.  Proud! Proud! Proud!  She rocks!!!!!
Well, enough for tonight.  I know that she is missed at BHRR but rest assured that she is she is doing great and very happy in her "palace", lol.
Have a good night Gwen!
PS  X has been home sick for the last 2 days.  These two have become the bestest of friends during my time away.  They've finally bonded and HE is quite taken by her!!!! 😉 and vice-versa! HA!