I want to publicly send out a BIG warm and deep thanks of the best kind to Laura and The Greyhound Supporters (National Capital Region).
I received a very lovely and touching letter from them in respect to Journey. In addition to their beautiful letter, they sent a check for $250 to go to her rehabilitation bills.
To see so many reach out in support and kindness and belief plus understanding for Journey; has been incredible. THIS is what Rescue is about; working together, not against to make positive differences to animals in need; animals that did not ask to have such cruelty done to them!
THANKS GSNCR for your part of being such a strong link on that chain of success for animals like Journey!
BHRR believes in assisting where and when we can to other people, animals and groups and so does GSNCR! Please, if you have a moment, do email or call them to tell them how special and important they are to the community!!!