BHRR's Journey is doing quite well! Since her wound was debrided to clean up the edges and in having her antibiotic switched, she is doing better. Slow but sure.

Her best friends are Brick and BHRR's Goliath(she knows he wuvs her and she likes to make him 'work'!) LOL. She has been fully integrated with all the dogs here and BHRR's Dana put her complete 'stamp' of approval on her and once BHRR's Dana does that to a dog; all other dogs know not to tease or poke at the new dog at the house. BHRR's Dana is very motherly and has been watching over BHRR's Journey and does not hesitate to step in to put herself between dogs if she feels that they might want to play a bit rough with her. I cannot believe that BHRR's Dana still has not been adopted!!! She is the best!

Since my last update; she had a very huge puke in her crate and in it contained pieces of tube plastic and small round sizeable chunks of what we and the Vets believe look like a type of small bush branches, twigs or trunks.

When Sean and I first saw it; we knew that there could possibly be more in there from her past of trying to find things to eat and that some things can sit inside of a stomach for awhile before becoming motile. With her emaciated state; her whole digestive system was not working.

X-rays have shown that she has 'debris' still inside of her yet there is no abnormal gas patterns. She is eating and drinking well and the Vets did not feel there was a need to do surgery(I was worried for she is not all that strong as of yet but they felt it was not necessary right now.) and felt that she should pass what remains inside of her at this time. I was worried about more vomiting as I do not want to see her to become dehydrated as she is still not drinking up to norm. I would also hate to see her hurt herself in puking up some things like plastic. 🙁 I am aware that there is no guarantee that she will not puke yet we will monitor her closely and watch for any signs that she might obstruct. The Vets were not overly concerned, suggested monitoring yet Sean and I are her 'mom' and 'dad' right now and do not want anything bad happening.

So, we have been on 24/7 watch with her between us both(she has become so much better with Sean and wuvs the kids); over the last few days.

She has not puked since and nor have wee discovered any 'surprises' in her poop and is only getting stronger and stronger at this time.

I need to take new photos and within the next couple of weeks; we should be able to look more at her teeth – that one canine in particular; I want the Vet to have a closer look at.

Then we have to figure out this spay situation of if she or is she not and take care of spaying her if it is needed when she is in a much better physical and mental state.

Then we have to begin her vaccines.

She has a long ways to go yet has made it through some of the biggest milestones of survival to date and I am continuing to look forward and not think about her not being here for everyone to love her!

We put her age still between 18 months – 2 years.

If you want to be a Special Santa Help Elf to BHRR's Journey:

IF anyone wishes to donate to be a BHRR's Journey's Santa Elf '; you can donate direct to Kanata Animal Hospital:

(613) 836-2848 under the 'Birch Haven Rescue' account and under the name of  'Journey' and they will take Visa, M/C or AMEX over the phone.

OR via PayPal –

OR email transfer to

OR Cash in person at Kanata Animal Hospital 440 Hazeldean Road

I know that I have said this before and I shall say it again; I am not above or below begging and pleading for the animals in need. AND I am doing so now, so close to XMAS; yet I am asking on my knees if need be; for people to consider donating to her vast medical bills.

ALL I can give you in turn at this time; is my deepest and most heartfelt and sincerest of thanks along with those of BHRR's Journey; for she would have died out there; and soon. Be it from a car hitting her; starvation or her wounds or a coyote attack or even from some person shooting her; she would have died and it would not have been long before it happened. There is nothing to her body right now….absolutely nothing but skin and bones. There is not even a lot of hair.

BHRR's Journey's Angels:             $2,415 Donated to date                Vet Bills $3,500 and rising

Ginnete – Critter Jungle
Karen – PayPal took $3.35 in fees
Erin – PayPal took $6.10 in fees
Audrey – PayPal took $0.74 in fees
Brigitte – PayPal took $0.88 in fees
Penny – PayPal took $0.88 in fees
Marie – Sophie