We find ourselves becoming quite protective of Mazda as most of the inquiries we are receiving are about her ‘looks’ and the impression she gives off through her pictures and how that will fit into the ‘status’ of their community. Many of these inquiries are seeing Mazda as a ‘status’ symbol and that is not how BHRR adopts out animals. Yes, she is stunning but we will always place as per best matched personality into the right homes. She will also not go to any homes that have contacted us seeking her as a guard dog, those wanting to use her for breeding purposes (she has been spayed as are all of our animals in our program), those that want the ‘biggest’ dog on the block or those that wish to have her as an outdoor dog. Answering these inquiries of which we are averaging almost 20 a day just on Mazda; will no longer be done. Serious inquiries plus those that submit an application along with the non-refundable application fee will only be reviewed and answered moving forward. Mazda deserves that loving spoiling home like every other Rescue that comes into our program and our responsibility is to her wellbeing.