Sam is a very different dog these days. He is running, jumping, pouncing and just an extremely happy plus affectionate boy. He is showing wonderful confidence in himself, his surroundings at our place, us, the horses and the other dogs. He still needs more outside stimulation, socialization and reassurance yet he is doing the baby steps to accomplishing this AND we could not be more proud! He has continued to get along great with all of the other dogs and plays with them daily. His best bud is still Cletus. Sam has not shown us any aggression in the five weeks he has been with us. He has displayed a little possessive over his high value item, a pig’s ear yet with reassurance and a quick vocal ‘check’ to Samari; he has settled down beautifully. He is not a ‘fight’ personality whatsoever. He is just worried about losing his special treat and we have been there showing him that that will not happen. We have been teaching Sam that he will never have to worry again about where/when his next meal is going to come from and that treats plus toys will be a part of his life forever. Sam is almost ready to go and he has been such a dream to have with us. We can only hope that his new home will update as Sam & Cletus have won the hearts’ of many over the past 7 weeks.