I took Lil Linus to work with me last night to do his pre-surgical bw and he weighed(once again, hard to get a true weight with his leaning on the wall! LOL) 43.8 KGS(96.36 pounds). I know that he weighs more than that. I will have to get a height on him soon. He was a HUGE hit once again at the hospital and what a luvbug! He still will not go to the bathroom at the Hospital and had his first pee accident in months in one of the large runs….poor thing……we will continue to work on this. When things quietened down; he came up to reception to hang out and was so wonderful about lying on his blanket and staying put. THAT is almost unheard of with him! LOL Busy boy that he normally is. He is so happy about going in the car(loving those timbti treats on the way home!)and his leash manners just get better and better! His recall is coming along so nicely too! He is still a bit ‘shy’ here and there with sudden movements and sometimes he still will act nervous around Sean yet we are having less and less moments of those types. Lil Linus has the best ears! They are so large and soft and you just want to squish and smooch them over and over again. 😀 His neuter is scheduled for Monday June 9th and about 2 weeks after that(barring any complications with the neuter or depending on X-ray results on his feet); he should be available for adoption. I have a new picture of him(with a friend) to post. Linus is so patient with the little ‘fiestmiester’ as I call this now 8 week old GD puppy!