When I brought LT to the Vet on the 16th; he was given the ‘ok’ to go from myself and the 2 vets to be adopted. This SC may come back and it could be one year, 3 years, 5 years or it might not come back at all and he will have a bit of a scar/bump in that area yet both feel that there is no need to remove it as there is virtually nothing there anymore. This validates my own feelings on the matter. I have asked many times over as this was suppose to be the original plan to remove it and both have insisted that SC’s rupture as that is what they do and he could be prone to them and even if what is remaining is removed(now back to being an elective surgery) it could grow back or he could develop new one’s etc. I will show his adoptive home how to just clean the area with Betatidine or Germi-stat 4% and should it ooze any SC material to wipe. One has to be careful about ‘playing’ with the area too much as it could irritate it and then cause a flare-up. They recommended another 10 days of antibiotics yet I shall be sending an additional 2 weeks home with his new family from the day that he is picked up just to be just that much more proactive with him. This is to show even more good faith and our high quality/standard of care at BHRR in respect to this SC. and this is IN addition to the 10 days that I have for him and that had been recommended by the Vet. BHRR makes every effort to be proactive, preventative and does not adopt out animals with ‘known’ medical conditions unaware to their homes. I also recommend as I always do; to take him to their own vet for their own comfort level(while I know he is healthy and do full disclosure on all the dogs here; I want all homes to feel comfortable too and also it is a great opportunity to begin that relationship between them, their vet and Tyke) plus have them look at his head. LT was back down to 57 KGS(the less he has weighed since March 26th) and the vets are happy yet I would like to see another kg off him…..I have upped his exercise regime(IF that were even possible with the 2/47 that he goes on all day now) and with the tightened hatches on his food; he has lost 7.2 pounds. He is looking awesome. Should all go well, LT will go to his new home on Sunday June 1st. This is going to be very hard, for him and definitely for us to let him go. Like all our adoptions, we can only hope that we will be given some updates and pictures here and there. WHAT A PLEASURE IT WAS HAVING YOU IN OUR LIVES TYKE!!! 🙂