Tyke will be going with me to work on Friday for a recheck on his head. It is still oozing a bit yet is MUCH smaller and I am staying as positive as I can about the visit! I cannot wait to get a new weight on him too! I will have to take some new pics of him as it has been awhile. 😉 My biggest piece of news is that the other day I went into the bedroom and LT was lying on the bed(like he often does) and he opened his eyes(I swear he has radar in knowing when we adults come into that room – he is great with the kids and has no worries about staying on the bed when the go into our bedroom) and DID not get off and more exciting, I was able to go up to him, love and smooch on him and he asked for more love AND never made one move to run off the bed! WOOHOO! He even stayed on the bed for a few minutes after I stopped the loving(kept it short so as not to overwhelm him)and then he did is big rushing spring of the bed into his open crate and then ran out of the crate as per his normal past pattern! MAN! That was the best feeling in the world to have been able to do all of that with him! 😀