When I brought Lil Linus to the vet tonight; he weighed 40.8 KGS(89.76 pounds) BUT he was leaning on the wall a bit. LOL I am relieved to know that he has a seroma; so it is a play injury and we could even see some tiny scratches when it was drained. We drained almost 17cc’s out tonight and I shall continue to drain it throughout the next week(when it looks like it has 10cc or more in it) and then apply pressure for about 30 minutes(AND that should be fun as Mr. Wiggle Butt is ‘always on the move’ LOL) to hopefully, get the pocket to stop filling up. He was SUCH a good boy when we were draining it! TALK about progress! HE more than earned his Timmie’s timbit and heck! I even bought him his own donut!!!! HE was just awesome!!!!! We are hoping that it will heal and he won’t need antibiotics or anything more invasive which would be done if necessary when he is neutered . He was a huge hit at the hospital again and has many admirers! He was great about getting in and out of the car and those leash manners; WOW! He wore PPSS Panache Pooch collar tonight and I think I am going to have to order one for him sooner rather than later as he looked SMOKIN’ in it!!!! He is also on his last hole on his current collar and will need a new one soon anyway. At the rate he is growing; he is going to be a sizeable boy(yet I already knew that) and I sometimes wonder who is Breeder was and where they were located for while we picked him up in Montreal from his latest home; he is not typical of a ‘Quebec’ looking byber Dane and I would almost bet that he came from outside of that province and somehow ended up there. He will not have a ton of height compared to some Danes(it is all relative, I know) yet from the moment I saw him; I knew he would be sizeable. I am also looking much closer at his feet and how collapsed they still are and we shall do x-rays on them when he is neutered. I am suspecting, fractures that have healed in such a way to have given him this ‘collapsed’ look as we have seen it in the past with not the proper levels of protein, calories and carbs(nutrition) being given to Dane puppies and they have stress fractures etc. and sometimes, even without proper treatment(yet how painful); they can heal and look a bit abnormal. From my discussions with a couple of Vets; they concur with this possible scenario and as he shall be neutered within the next month and has had no pain in his feet; *if* what has caused his feet to look like they do are old fractures; they have long since healed before coming to us and we can wait until then to get a better determination on things. I just do not desire to see him having foot and joint problems later on as he matures for he is going to be a large and heavy boy.