When BHRR's Harley was at the Vet on September 1st, 2011, he weighed 121.22 pounds (55.1 KGs). The results of his biopsy were: majority of the areas were fat, a lot of ephithelial cells and no cells seen to differentiate. This is a nice relief for the Vet also had a bit of concern when she first felt and touched it! Unless there was just cause to remove it(there was very little to actually drain), we would monitor. There was a high incident of it rupturing or abscsesing due to the 'tampering' of it yet up this did not happen until just two days ago. He is now on a course of antibiotics and we shall go from there.

When I went away for 2 days at the beginning of September, it was perfect for when I came back, BHRR's Hailey from having to depend on Sean, was like a whole new dog! He was having zooming phases and was a lot less quiet!

These days, one would be hard pressed to think that this boy just turned 6 in June. He LOVES LOVES LOVES to play with my Sir Maestro(14 months of age). He can be quite the vocal player too and he has a mischeivous streak for sure the goober!!! LOVE it!!! He has no problem being part of any prank BHRR's Dana begins and is often found 'holding the bag' so to speak!!!

He is doing so well and has built up quite the muscle tone since his arrival. He still has no hair on many parts of his tail and they may or may not come back(believed to be rubbed off).

With the way that he has been doing – social to humans, dogs, kids and utd on vaccines etc., he shall be placed up for adoption most likely within the next week or so! YAY!

BHRR's Harley will do best in a home that have kids no less than age 8(time for him to receive more attention/love from all family members from what he was able to get in his old home), a home that works pt, ft, semit-retired etc. is of no matter, one that is active with liking walks yet also a home that likes snuggle time at home – especially on rainy days!!!! It has taken Mr. Prince Harley a wee bit to understand that he is NOT going to melt if he goes outside to pee! The look on his face the whole time he is peeing though as he watches me is priceless! HA!

He is an affectionate and kind and sensitive boy and would benefit from a home that does have at least one right matched dog for company. We would not decline an application that did not have any other dogs yet they must have a social network in place whereby BHRR's Harley does have continued exposure to other dogs. This will be important for his continued social network maintenance.

His food, treats are all taken with care and he likes to be fed in a crate yet as long as he is fed in a quiet spot, he will be fine and eat well. He likes quiet when he eats and so that he does not have to worry about any other dog bothering him.

He did FANTASTIC at our recent September BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House, flitting and floating from person to person and was calm, comfortable and accepting of all the noise, traffic and treats!

He has been a real pleasure to have had here at BHRR and he is really loving the freedom of our 2+ fenced in acres plus he is thriving under the structure of regular training and rules at BHRR. At night, he prefers to sleep in an open crate and once in awhile, he can be found on our Master bed having a snooze, which is ok as long as we are not the ones trying to snooze in it at the same time! 😀