BHRR's Goliath is now here safely! THANKS so much to everyone involved in your assistance to transport him to BHRR. I was soooooooo excited when I saw him!!! HIS eyes…I cannot talk enough about those eyes of his….heaven!

He is about 20-25 pounds underweight, so I would like to see him around 120-125 pounds right now. His height was 34" at the whithers. I am not convinced that he is around 2 for he is ALL puppy brain…complete lack of obedience and goofy, friendly, happy and playful – OMG! So playful right now!(he found a squeaky football that I had been trying to find to give back to BHRR's Apollo's temp foster home) and he squeaked it; mostly in my ear all the way home! LOL.

He also loved pulling threads off the show blanket I had on the back seat, dismantling the kleenex box he pulled off the back dashboard and tried to help me drive the car a few times! Gwennie's doggie boot camp has now started! 😉

He was completely fine around "Expresso" the small min pin that we also assisted in transporting to his Ottawa Rescue and to date, he has had no issues with any dogs going by his crate.

He had a nice time exploring the 2+ acre fenced in yard and he is not too fond of going into his crate yet, but we will get there…they all do and they all end up loving their crates and run in for their treats!

He had about 4 cups of food for dinnner as we did not want to give him too much and he has been taking treats quite gently; for the most part from my fingers. He can get a bit enthusiastic! 😉

He is a ham and you can tell that he has used his strength in the past to get his way for he is stubborn when I want him to do something and he does not want to do it and will sit and get this 'look' as if to say 'nuh huh, I am not moving and you cannot make me…' LOL Gwennie wins in the end though and we will get there. 😉

I do not see a mean bone in his body right now and man, I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to the time when the honeymoon period is over for this boy is 'Mr. Puppy Personality Plus'!

He has been fine around my kids yet he was a bit hesitatnt of Sean when he first saw him and I am not sure if that is a 'man' thing for he was sooooooo happy when he met me. Sooooooooooo happy, in fact, that he tried to jump on me a couple of times. Yet, after Sean greeted him, he was fine. So, that calm and confident approach makes him comfortable.

He has done a bit of barking in his crate yet he is corrected and then passively ignored. He will also learn about spray bottles yet right now, I do not want to create any negative seeking attention behavours with him.

Bleach is very interested in him!!! We shall begin the integration with the gang tomorrow.

To date, BHRR's Goliath has been microchipped, neutered, given Rabies, DAPP booster, de-wormed, put on Revolution, had a nail trim, been treated for KC and has had several exams. We had him neutered on Thursday and he seems to be recovering well. He does want to go at his incision here and there yet is responding to correction.

He is not responding to the name of Goliath at all right now. I also plan on touching base with the HS for no prior history was passed our way, so I do not know if he was a stray, o/s etc. It is nice to know where one can, what is their background, if any. 🙂