BHRR's Goliath is that "BIG KID". I brought him to the Vet with me on Monday as I wanted to see his weight and have my own Vet give him a once over and he weighed a very skinny 44.6 KGs(98.12 pounds). 🙁

He is eating well and I am feeding him 4 smaller meals a day and so that weight will come. My Vet also agrees with me that we find it hard to believe that he is around 2 for he is ALL puppy brain! They also feel that he needs at least 20-25 pounds right now. We are thinking he is 18 months tops. Everyone just loves the big ol' noggin he has. Such a handsome young man.

Monday's adventures with this personality filled pup brought the following:

1) A bath that turned into more of one for me than him
2) drinking from the kitchen sink – it even says in his paperwork about how much he loves to drink from sinks
3) mounting BHRR's Potter who was not impressed
4) mounting BHRR's Porridge was was also not impressed
5) the challenge of the crate going in yet getting better!
6) resting well while he is in the crate
7) drinking water and sharing it with all around him
8 traveled well in the car after pulling me most enthusiastically to the car
9) discovering YET again the squeaky football and sharing all that 'music' in my ear as I drove into work
10) sooooooooooooooo happy to meet everyone he saw  – both male and female and I mean soooooooooooo happy, my poor arm!
11) learning how to sit and boy is this goofy boy treat motivated – ONCE you find the right treats
12) barking off and on for a bit as he was 'worried' about this being a shelter again for him yet got better and better throughout my shift
13) had his share of counter surfing the exam tables
14) trying to drag a 13.5 KG bag of food around as a 'toy'
15) wanting to play with every dog and person he saw
16) drinking from the sinks at the hospital
17) trying to drink from the toilet at the hospital
18) grabbed one roll of paper towels at the hospital and had a grand time spreading that around
19) decided that any towel that I used to try and clean up the water he liked to spread around was a better 'chase me' toy
20) had a good exam! YAY!
21) discovered the new kleenex box I thought I had well hid in the car and re-decorated the whole inside of my car with the pulling out of tissue in sheer delight
22) was soooooooooooooo happy to come home

One of the biggest things I have learnt very fast about BHRR's Goliath is that he is clueless about the name 'Goliath!'


This is one busy and active boy and full of joy, life and complete lack of manners and obedience in so many ways BUT we are getting there….slow and sure and he is beginning to trust me more and in turn, respect me more. He is a bit more respectful of Sean at this time when it comes to going into his crate yet he is getting there.

He gives the BEST kisses and those eyes….OMG! Those amazing eyes of his! That wee beard of his likes to 'collect' the drool and water so that he can share some extra love your way after he drinks!!! LOL

He has been fully integrated with all the dogs and we have been learning about no counter surfing, no jumping, no humping, no whining, no stealing kleenex boxes or toilet paper rolls(THANKS BHRR's Dana for giving him that idea!!!) or papertowels, or clothes or….or…or…AND he is learning about nice loving touches and hugs and kisses and being given love on his terms and on our terms and treats and lots of food and freedom and playing and…and…

This boy is already quickly wrapping himself into my heart…must…resist….do NOT look into those eyes Gwennie! 😉

Two pictures of this magnificent boy below. This boy shall not be ready for adoption for at least 4 weeks as per our BHRR protocol in getting to know them and in ensuring they are rehabbing well. He is soooooooooo painfully thin that his hips, ribs and spine are very prominent.

THE other thing that I just love about BHRR's Goliath is how he gracefully lopes…not runs or races, yet lopes. Each stride just eating up the distance as he moves. So graceful.

I want to thank whomever sent along that gorgeous blue leash for him too! 🙂

BHRR's Goliath – August 21st, 2011