We are no closer to having that right matched home apply for Mazda. It is just such a sad situation in one way yet in another; maybe it is something that is just meant to be. She is really a delightful girl and while we shall adore her deeply; she is a Dane that truly does not need us and we just wished that her forever loving home would have appeared. The end of April is fast approaching and I just sit in almost shock that she is still with us. She is incredible! To think of all the dogs that have blessed our hearts; that one such as Mazda would be the first dog ever to be in our program the longest yet she has no behavoural or medical issues to warrant her becoming one of our Haven Dogs is just unbelievable. 🙁 Dear Mazda; please know that you have done no wrong and I shall carry within me for who knows how long; the guilt that somehow I might have failed you. I am so very sorry for that and we shall have the rest of our lives for me to show you just how important you are and how special you are and how much you are deserving of great things. I look forward to that immensely as that path that our souls are meant to take draws nearer with the passing of each day. I know that KB/JB and Cherokee are very much your pals and the three amigos you all make! 😀