I am really not liking this cyst on LT’s head. It is almost twice the size it was when he was in for his annual not long ago. Did all those FNA’s irritate it??? I do not know and it is draining more than it has; yet the size of it is making me uncomfortable. I have Dyce going in for his annual plus post-treatment check-up tomorrow night when I go to work and I think I might see about getting LT back in on the Wednesday. I know what we found in the FNA’s etc. and I do not doubt the results yet I am still not feeling great about how much growth this has done since his annual. If need be; I will take the necessary steps in getting this removed sooner rather than later. Am I just worrying overly too much???? Perhaps….yet, I always feel more comfortable in having a second opinion if/when needed in respect to what I am seeing.