I took BHRR's Benjamin to todays' GD & Honorary GD Walk/Hike and WOW! GREAT job bud! He was most curious about the two Doxies there yet was most respectful!!!! This was his first BIG huge social test offleash with strangers and dogs other than our own and WOW again! He recalled quite well, was extremely friendly, social and treat plus praise motivated. Lots of compliments on his temperament, obedience and how handsome he is. 🙂 Two pictures below from today. If you are interested in joining our over 100+ member distribution list for these walks/hikes, please email to be placed on our member list.

We have been hosting them for over 15+ years and we are all very responsible/accountable dog owners! Locales are switched up with each walk/hike and out next one is planned for Sunday June 24th!

BHRR's Benjamin has proven that with the proper integration; his 'play' drive is just fine with cats and very small dogs. He has also discovered that he likes to splash in the water!!! With enough time, he is going to figure out that swimming part. 😀 He is going to make a home out there one day very blessed!

BHRR's Benjamin – Limerick Forest June 5th, 2011