Meet BHRR's Maggie May – Great Pyr about 2+ years of age. She was pulled from a terrible shelter in Macon County, TN. She had a brutal injury to her right front leg/elbow and was in terrible pain just waiting to die in this shelter – she was only given 3 days to live. Her leg was amputated on May 10th, 2011 & she is currently residing in a temp foster home in KY waiting to come to BHRR.

She was saved due to how sweet she is and is still putting on weight at 85 pounds. BHRR's Benjamin is scheduled to be temp fostered as of the end of June, which shall enable us to have an opening direct at BHRR for BHRR's Maggie May.

BHRR's Benjamin is going to have a blast with all the adventures and experiences he is going to have and also give his temp foster home! 😉


BHRR's Maggie May  – May 2011 
Photos courtesy of Rhonda