Liquorice is still holding her own. Her eye infection is now gone as well. You can tell that she is uncomfortable as she gets ‘grumpy’ when any of the other dogs play too close to her but with some soothing words; she settles down really well. She still has not vomited at our place and boy does she love her PINK beanbag chairs now!!! I was wondering if she was going to stick to the blue one’s forever but she sure has taken them over! She really loves to chew Knuckle and Shank bones so I have been trying to stock up on them for her. She likes the rawhide bones too and boy! WILL she sit for a treat!!!! Liquorice has become QUITE the garbarator and she and I are having our struggles with that. SHE can be such a sneak and then look so innocent as the evidence is right at her feet with some on her face, the little minx! 🙂 She is more comfortable in that she knows that just because I ‘scold’ her for going into the garbage that I am still going to love her. I am also going to post two of her ‘Santa’ Hat pictures from XMAS below! SHE is such a good sport!