Tuesday marked the second really bad day in the last week that Frost ‘T’ has had. He had 5 really good days and then the bad one and it was terrible. He could only eat small pieces of roast chicken that I hand fed him and barely drank as he was struggling so hard to breathe. By the time I went to bed at 4:00 AM on Wednesday; he was finally having a good rest on his side. Later on Wed., he was eating his roast chicken, stews etc. without any issues and I am now going to switch to RAW for he refuses to touch any kibble of any kind and unless I home cooking his meals all the time or giving him wet canned dog food(of which there is not enough to keep a dog of his size alive on just the canned food); I am going RAW. He has been doing a lot of resting on one of the beanbag chairs since his bad day but he is lying on his side where he is most comfortable at and I know that when he does that he is breathing well. His tail is wagging really well but he is still so painfully thin. The other thing was that last night after feeding him; he vomited up some of his food and he had blood in it. He only did it once and he seemed very surprised by it as he just lifted his head off the beanbag chair brought up some food and then was fine. I will monitor. Thanks to Merrilee, Deanna, Mary etc. who have been sending me suggestions on those beanbag chairs. I am going to see if there is a Sears depot in Brockville, ON that I could possibly order the 102cm beanbag chairs online and hopefully it will not take two months to get there. GREAT IDEAS! THANKS from my heart! I am also going to look at getting more coats for I have been rotating between his and Guinness Therapy Coat(the only other dog coat I have that has a big enough barrel of a chest that will fit Frost ‘T on his chest!)and he needs more, especially with the temperatures falling. The hard thing for me to reconcile within myself is that Frost ‘T’s good days are really good for the most part and when he has those; I just cannot picture myself letting him go and then I see his bad days and they are bad like when he first was ill in December of 2005 and I just re-visit the whole thing about what is best for Frost ‘T’. I just hope that I have the wisdom and strength to continue to do what is right for Frost ‘T’. He felt so good the other morning that he ‘roo rood’ for quite some time outside at the blowing flag on the flagpole(no one ever said that Frost ‘T’ was the smartest bunny in the forest!) and had spirit! 🙂 It was like he was ‘aware’ of what was around him and not just focusing on getting that next breath into his body. This is the dog that is very quiet and for him to do that was very heartwarming AS he had energy! The expression on his face was priceless when he came into the bedroom as well for he was SOOO proud of what he had done. I just wish that he had not decided to do it at 6:30 AM when I had just gotten to bed about one hour earlier! LOL Sean felt terrible that it woke me up as he had let the dogs out again just as he was heading off to work; but I just had to laugh. For me the memory making continues and this is one that will be cherished! 4:00 PM UPDATE: I am bringing Frost ‘T’ to the Vet tonight for 7:30 PM. He blew his left eyeball somehow today AND he has done nothing out of the ordinary and I plan on getting a re-weigh. I am also keeping in the back of my mind that this might be the time to let him go especially if his eye has anything to do with his heart. He had two great meals today so far and has been having a really comfortable rest all tucked up in blankets so otherwise; he is faring well but if his heart is causing other problems in his body; I will not ask anymore of/from him.