When I was at work on Wednesday; I had another long talk with my Vet about Liquorice & that she is now making a bit of a strangled wheeze sound and has even more of a ‘noisy’, ‘wet’ breathing. His honest thoughts at this point were that he is very worried that being on the Pred would surely kill her in her current condition and if my goal is to give her that ‘true’ quality; it is best to no longer think about the Pred and continue only with the NSAIDS as it has only been 8 days since the decision was made to use the Pred. So, I have purchased another 60 Deramaxx 100 mg tablets for her and she will get 1 – 2 tablets a day for her pain/discomfort. Her current vet bill is just over $900.00 and a HUGE thank you is sent to Karen for making a $500 contribution to KAH for her Vet Bills. The other Rescue indicated last Saturday that their gala was the Sunday and I have not yet heard word on what $ amount might have been raised to assist Liquorice. Liquorice is still eating & drinking well at as high of a level as I feel is comfortable for her Wobbler’s and to date still has not vomited!