I just want to clarify for those that read Thor’s updates that JUST because he needs to be in a home at this time with a ‘Leader’ does not mean that Thor is aggressive. Thor is at 2+ years what other puppies would be around 3-6 months in his level of social, play and pack behavour & the testing. He has not been taught the correct or proper ways to behave and now he needs to learn it at his current age so that he is not a ‘failure’ in society. Being ‘checked’ in his behavour does not mean that another dog needs to ‘pin’ him to the ground etc., they just need to ‘tell him’ that what Thor is doing is not acceptable. Dogs can be very subtly about their communication and a good ‘leader’ will be very honest, upfront and clean with their ‘checking’. What Thor does is not out of aggression, malice or meanness; he truly just does not know any better and while this is being said; in the wrong home that does not understand what needs to happen here; he would be ‘set up for failure’ and possible disaster. He will need a firm, experienced and understanding hand as Thor does not like to always do what Thor does not want to do. In my home; I have Leaders and I have Followers and Thor was being ‘encouraged’ by the followers by not checking his behavour by the very nature of their own behavour and it was making it quite hard in the training of him. In his current foster home; their one Dane is teaching him this and the current dog they are dogsitting has also ‘checked’ his behavour. Thor is also showing how absolutely curious he is in his new foster home and he is coming along really nicely with their cats at this time and I just read that two of them have found a nice comfort spot around his leg! The first two days were a little questionable as he went from being scared at times to wanting to play with them at others. Like any introductions, proper integration is key to success. I am still very much leaning towards a home that has a ‘leader'(THIS does not mean an alpha dog) and that the leader is preferably a male. I would consider a home with a female yet only if the female has a fairly strong personality one(& this does not mean aggressive or alpha). I am not open at this time in considering a home for Thor that does not currently have one other dog who will have the proper animal dynamics for him. GOSH! HE is ever a ‘goob’ and affectionate to people! HE loves the loving and spoiling attention! BTW, for the home that he does go to; please know that this BOY DROOLS! 🙂 He can put to shame my own English Mastiff on that one! LOL