Liquorice took that HUGE step and has walked into my bedroom several times this weekend!!! I AM SOOOO proud of her to get up the courage to do so. I have been sleeping with my bedroom door open ever since she arrived so that she could come in if she had wanted too and she finally did. She even walked as far as the ensuite. GOSH! SHE was so proud of herself too! I could tell! She even lied down on one of the doggie beds and unfortunately; she got ‘scared’ off when I dragged in one of the other beanbag chairs for her as Frost ‘T’ and Soul plus Boba were lying on the other one’s. However; she did venture back in a few minutes later and it was the hair dryer that ‘spooked’ her this time YET she is incredible when you soothe and reassure her. It never ceases to amaze me that when animals are treated as horribly as Liquorice was that she could even begin to WANT to try to trust anyone again yet she does and that trust will never be betrayed again and that is a promise that I make to her every time I snuggle with her. I cannot believe how gentle this girl is in the taking of treats. She has not yet begun to show interest in any stuffies or other toys but I see her tail doing it’s little circular wag with the butt wiggle when I play with some of the other dogs SO I know that she wants to!!! She is still ‘puffing’ and I really don’t like that ‘noisy wet’ breathing she does and I am just counting the days until we might hear back from the UOG about her diagnosis and prognosis. I have finally downloaded her new pictures and will try to post them tomorrow! 🙂 I also want to thank Betty profusely for her kindness in sending $250.00 to go towards Liquorice’s care. From my heart on behalf of Liquorice, THANK YOU!