Thor will be getting his stitches out on Wednesday and within the next couple of weeks shall be available for adoption. This ‘ham’ no longer needs me!!!! His best friend’s are Frost ‘T’ and Soul and boy! THEY sure get my house to rocking as Thor learns the ‘no inside rough play rules!’ 🙂 Thor’s obedience (though he really is quite awesome!) can be continued in his new home and he now has full run of our house and has not destroyed a thing. He does like to lie in his crate so we leave the door open all the time. His new home will need to continue to work on his socialization and the ‘correct’ confidence building for Thor. We do not allow the dogs on our leather furniture and Thor has picked up on that rule quite well. HE did not take too long to make himself at home on the beds though!!! LOL Thor likes to ‘play bow’ and he also likes to ‘talk back to me’ when I am telling him about no playing in the house etc. HE is so FUNNY that way! He really is a beauty with a stunning temperament!