The Vet called me today and asked me some questions about whether Liquorice had been vomiting and having trouble eating. I explained that I was told a day or so after I got her from the other Rescue that she apparently had a sore mouth when they first got her so they were watering down her food and that she has not vomited since she arrived to my house. I also mentioned that Liquorice was eating dry food here with us without any noticeable discomfort. Apparently, Liquorice has a very enlarged esophagus and her throat is very inflamed. They suspect possible Megaesophagus at this time and we will be doing a Barium Test. Liquorice also has fluid in the small blood vessels in her heart that could be possible edema or a build up of cells; which in either case is not normal. Liquorice also has an abnormal ‘pocket/gas’ of air that the two Vets that are working on her case; are unable to explain at this time. I was concerned that when she came into our program and was ‘puffing’ like our Frost “T”(who has 3 different Heart Conditions) that something was wrong. We can only hope that we can successfully treat her. It is most likely that my Vets will call this Rescue’s Vets to discuss as we have no detailed Vet records to refer too. The Vets did tell me that some of what she has such as the fluid and pocket of gas/air could be secondary issues from having been HW+ and hopefully; the Barium will give us more answers. Liquorice has not even been spayed yet and already our Vet bills are running into the thousands of dollars and we are still severely underwater from trying to save Snowball. However; I am committed to her wellbeing and I will continue to fight for her until I am told that there is nothing more to be done.5:00 PM UPDATE – Liquorice has a mass on her spine that is affecting her lungs/heart. It also better explains the fluid plus that air/gas pocket and while her esophagus/throat are inflamed as there would be difficulty with the digestion of food and putting pressure forcing the food back up and while she has not vomitted; it has clearly irritated those areas. The Vets have diagnosed that in their professional opinion that it is most likely Cancer. Based upon asking some very tough questions; I felt that for the extra $100 or so; to send off all the Rads, test results etc. to the University of Guelph to see what the specialists there have to say. I trust my Vets and if the UOG can confirm things; then I will have a bit more peace and resolution in side of me with Liquorice’s situation. The Vet did say that there is a very outside/remote chance that it could be something fungal and/or infectious and possibly treatable; but with all the results of her bw and wbc being as they are; he was extremely doubtful. I am truly shaken up for it has been less than 2 weeks since I have had her and I am so emotionally involved over her. We will continue to do our best by her! Her Vet Bills to date are around $600.00