Liquorice’s HW test came back negative! WOOHOO! Yet, her bloodwork indicates that she has parasitism and so now we will be waiting for the results of her fecal test to determine what parasite we are looking at. At the former Rescue she was on HG and I put her on Sentinel as soon as she arrived but she would not have been on Sentinel long enough here to treat any worms that HG does not cover and so to be preventative we are putting her on Panacur. All of our current dogs are negative for parasites, on Sentinel year round (but it does not protect against Giarrdia or Coccidia) plus we do regular fecals. What we might also have to do is depending on the type of parasite is possibly have to treat the other 11 dogs she has been interacting with. The Vet believes that it could be Giarrdia or Coccidia if not another worm that the HG did not protect against. She goes in for her X-Rays tomorrow along with being microchipped and having her nails done. Once we find out what is happening, if anything, with her heart/lungs we can then move forward on a decision to spay her. As I discussed with the Vet tonight, perhaps that is just how she breathes yet we want to rule everything out and have no doubts/questions about her health status. I have notified the other Rescue that Liquorice has come from that they might wish to have their other dogs tested to see if they, too; are carrying a parasite. Liquorices Vet Bills to date are just under $100.00 and I will keep updating the site with new totals as we get them. I also wanted to add that Liquorice is sporting her gorgeous new collar donated to our program by Mary! She also has not developed up enough confidence to venture any further than the main floor area not even to the kitchen which is all open concept on the main level. However; she does not hesitate much any longer about asking for loving and pushing her way in to get her share! She has the best little butt wiggles that go along with her circular tail wags that she still hangs low along with her head position. She has also does a little bit of ‘pouncing’ movements when she sees me and gets excited. I have worried about how she is going to fare at her Vet visit and all the staff there have been wonderful and I know they will handle her with care. The Hospital Manager even suggested laying down mats for her in the run and along the way to the exam room if needed so that she is not so afraid and can get/keep her balance. WHAT a wonderful place and I know I am just being a ‘mom’ worrying so much. SHE is just the most gentlest, kindest amazing soulful of creatures that I have known and is going to make some home very happy when she is adopted. I am not sure that I will be ready though for she really has entrenched herself deep into my emotions and just thinking about her past and how she was made to live and have puppies after puppies just makes me well up with tears of sorrow for the misery she came from and also anger over how people could have been so cruel.