I like big butts…..
The two strongest right now….big beautiful girls.
They are 13 days old. Born July 23rd, 2022
These two are now thriving!
The orange-collar(Miss Maybelle Cutie) girl has even surpassed the red-collar girl(Miss Ayla).
Today, we tried to get the three strongest, now that they are thriving(so tiring, yet so rewarding) – to another group so I can focus exclusively on the two weakest. Unfortunately, that did not work out, so after a road-trip adventure, they are now all back with me.
I will figure things out re: moving forward yet……
We are going to need some donations to keep the five of them fed, clean, and loved…..
We are in urgent need of the following:
1) Esbilac 28 oz Powder Formula – I have bought three cans to date out of my own pocket, with another one generously donated. We are going through a can daily.
2) XL Essential Pee Pads – we are going through ~25 daily.
3) Downy or Gain Liquid Fabric Softener
4) Two cases of the PVD Essential Care Puppy Food – in preparation for transitioning from straight formula to formula with a couple of tablespoons of canned food to eventual mush to off formula totally.
Donations can be monetary and sent via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org or via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com
OR we have a donation shed at the end of our laneway – 2425 Totem Ranch Road, Oxford Station for items to be dropped off.
As always, thank you in advance for any assistance plus consideration. We are truly indebted.
In turn, we can promise lots of puppy spam pics, and Cassy can confirm how awesome these three are now doing from when they were first picked up just before midnight late Wednesday and rushed to the emergency Vet in Kingston to today!