Please keep this wee one in your thoughts…
She was the same tiny size – .38 kg as her sister, that was dying when we picked up this litter. We had been told two were ‘almost dead’.
The one boy is the third weakest and still fighting.
This wee girl is now declining rapidly…
Aspiration pneumonia is concerning in adult dogs and in puppies, often a death sentence.
It breaks my heart…if only we had been contacted earlier….if only when we were contacted by someone else about them, the person that had them had responded promptly. It was almost 15 hours from when we first were asked to help to when they replied and then we finally got them.
They were rushed straight to emergency.
We could have had more precious lifesaving time….. 
My sweet girl, I am so sorry….so so so sorry….
We are trying so hard to save you, all of you….