BHRR’s Bruce was at the Vet yesterday.
He weighed a very thin 50.6 kgs(110.66). I would like to see at least another 15-20 pounds of muscle mass and weight on him and then re-evaluate. I want him lean, not overweight. Too many obese dogs out there….
He had his boosters – DHPP, Lyme, Lepto, was dispensed deworming, hw, flea/tick meds. I was thinking Nexgard Spectra, yet when I was at work, I began thinking more Nexgard and Interceptor Plus. Thanks to the Vet for ‘poking’ fun at me for writing down Nexgard Spectra in the apt. notes! I know what I wrote and thought it over!
I drew blood – such a good boy to sit nicely for me to take from his jugular – and ran a hw/tickborne disease test – negative, and I took extra to see if the Vet wanted to run a panel. They did not feel it necessary, and unless I wanted to run it for a baseline for Mr. Bruce, they were not concerned.
I took the blood I was holding for the possible blood profile and spun it down to get serum to freeze to help others with eye ulcers. Dane blood can be so universal!
He was friendly, lovely to finally get to meet him, and when he is ready, he will seriously make a home an INCREDIBLE addition! He is stunning inside and out!
He loved everyone at the clinic! No interpersonal space issues or respect from this boy! Right up in your face with happiness/love! LOL
He resides in a foster home with two other dogs: Mr. Jack(AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION), cats, and bunnies! It was great to see Mr. Jack again too!
Miss Chrissy is having her spay, microchip, bloodwork, etc., on Tuesday.
Will monitor Mr. Bruce’s small skin issues, is it behavioural? Environmental and behavioural? Environmental? – he had eye/ear infections when he was dropped off at the shelter. Resolved now.
Per the foster, he is having some SA issues in his crate at night. They still have some trazodone on hand and will use that to help ‘ease’ Mr. Bruce to be ok with his own company.
So, hard on these big sensitive dogs! You will get there, Mr. Bruce. It has only been nine days today since your arrival.
Thank you to his foster home for being open to fostering him until at least December 1st. It saved his life……
AND for those asking re: his colouring – he is a Fawn Merle.