The Beans(LabX) went up for fostering to adopt on October 1st!
*~75% lab*

We are also open to approved Volunteers to foster them until they are adopted by a right-matched personality fit home.

*Adoptions will not be finalized until after their spays/neuter
*This is in addition to our mandatory obedience clause
*They can go to homes with responsible children as young as 10+
*No more than two children in a home
*They can go to homes with cats
*We prefer homes with at least one right-matched personality-fit dog, not a deal breaker for that right home that has a great social network set up for The Bean!
*Homes must be within 2 hours of our location & be willing to take them to their October 15th booster apt. & their alter apt at the end of October – booked at Liston Animal Hospital
*Foster-to-adopt homes must then be prepared to commit to their final puppy boosters around November 15th (post-adoption), including rabies, dhpp, Lyme plus lepto
**The above clauses will be in the foster-to-adopt contracts in addition to all other requirements found in our standard adoption application contract**

They are ready to be fostered by an approved Volunteer AND they are ready to be fostered to adopt to homes seeking to adopt. The adoption application contract must be completed.

Thank you again to the puppy wranglers that came out to help at their paparazzi photo shoot! VERY appreciated!

Thank you again to Liz Bradley for the gorgeous photos!