So, thanks to Lori Mae, and their generous financial donation – they had set up a gofundme when the pups were with the person who surrendered them to us – thanks again Katherine Bruck for letting us know! – guess what time it is?!!
$260 has come our way from their fundraising efforts.
As promised, for every lifesaving monetary or item(s) donation, a puppy spam pic would be posted in gratitude!
Can be done via PayPal gwen@birchhaven.org or email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com OR an item(s) donation:
1) XL Essential pee pads,
2) Esbilac powdered formula 28 oz.,
3) Gain or Downy liquid fabric softener
4) PVD Essential Care canned puppy food)
5) Pinesol – the larger the bottle, the better!
Dropped off in our donation shed at the road or snail mailed to:
2425 Totem Ranch Road West, Oxford Station
We need many, many, many weeks’ worth of the above!
These wee Labx beans, found nursing on their mom that was laying dead under a tractor, two with punctures, are now safe with us. I know that if they could, they would also say THANK you to everyone for this lifesaving assistance. 
This is Miss Diva Princess Bean – the biggest girl. She surpassed the girl that was the biggest in size when we first got them, and in a typical lab style, LOVES her food! That waistline will need to be monitored! 
She has SA, so that is also something that will need to be managed.
So many people do not realise that their personalities are there from day 1. Very important to be aware and continue to develop and shape them into the best dogs they can be and properly manage the behaviours that will not help them reach their full potential.
Sean is being so kind as to watch them while I head off to have a power snooze. His massive role has been to make the yummiest of formula for their overnight feedings, so I do not have to, giving me a few more moments for rest.
They are all fed, burped, and stimulated to go to the bathroom – they cannot do that on their own quite yet; then I go through the same thing for a second feeding before they go down for a snooze. They have doubled what they are now eating from when I got them to have their first successful feed Thursday @ 10:30 AM.
I then clean and ready everything for the next feeding, do a load of puppy laundry, and head for a nap if I can.
Sean is also a master spa bather!