AND my last post of my night is a heavy-hearted one.
As folks know, we have our Three’s Company pups. We have been very upfront from our inception in 1996 about the medical issues DM(double merle) dogs can have.
AND, we have explained how the really special needs dogs like Miss Janet has been over her two siblings. We stated that we were unsure if she would ever be able to be placed up for adoption and that it did not matter to us. We were first told there were two DM Aussies, yet there were three, and we rescued them without hesitation.
We are always about trying to help the next in need of us……adoptions are not our priority, never have been. We would never place that kind of pressure on our dogs or ourselves to set that kind of expectation. The dogs do not lack for anything and are cherished for life. Those that are adopted that is wonderful; those that are not adopted, that is equally wonderful. They are safe….
Miss Janet was the most severely impaired – blind/deaf, and has done so well with her touch plus scent training.
We have worked to educate others that DM dogs can have IS, skin issues, IBS, IBD, neurological, behavioural concerns, etc., and not just have their eyesight and/or hearing affected.
Many DM dogs do not begin to have IS until they are 2-3 years of age. In those cases, our experience has demonstrated that many can continue to go on to live amazing quality-filled lives for years.
However, when a DM puppy, like Miss Janet(Mr. Oslo was the same way), begins to have seizures at such a young age – she is not even six months old – it is incredibly concerning, and QOL needs to be discussed/addressed with each seizure, especially when they are clusters.
All of this to say, that sweet Miss Janet, as of 9:39 PM last night, began to seize, and she seized so violently that she hit her head on the support bars of one of our end tables, wounding the top of her head quite badly.
She has begun phenobarbital, and we will add Keppra as needed.
It has now been almost 23 hours since her last seizure, and the journaling has begun.
This picture is an older one… she remains on seizure watch in emerge to be administered IV meds as necessary. Should she remain seizure free for 24 hours, she can be released.
We committed to her, as we did with her siblings, and we will fight the good fight with her…..
This also means she cannot remain on Nexgard Spectra for flea/tick/hw as it lowers the seizure threshold. Her spay is also being postponed and quite possibly not done if we cannot get her seizure activity under control to have a safe surgery protocol, including pre-med in place.
My heart is a heavy one tonight….yes, I well knew this can and could happen to any of our special needs Danes or dogs. It does not make the cross any easier to bear when it does. 
Her Vet Bills to date are just over $1,100
Please keep her in your thoughts. I love my wee Aussie babies…..they are so full of life and are personality filled & love everyone/everything!