The Beans had their next play date today – thanks again to Katherine, Richard & Carol. 
I cannot believe we were there for over 3.5 hours!! I kept saying I did not want to overstay our welcome.
They had another amazing experience!
I was watching Miss Bev closely as she was trembling at the Vet yesterday when someone was holding her – she was only a bit worried during her vaccine, ok for nails, etc., yet trembled later when a staff member was holding her – yet, she was her normal, size everything up first before plunging right in to explore and snuggled and cuddled and was her loving self today! So, not sure why that was the case at one point yesterday yet, we are making sure all pups get safely exposed to many sights, sounds, and smells in trusted hands.
They turn eight weeks old tomorrow and have their professional photo shoot on the 22nd – weather permitting – to make special announcements!
I will be looking closely at the weather for other play visit opportunities for them too!