The Beans Update!
This is Miss Maybelle Cutie – 6 weeks of age!
*A HUGE fav of the staff today – content to be held/loved. She is quite the quiet diva princess!*
Named thanks to Kendel & her two handsome young boyz! Thank you!
All of The Beans were at LAH today for their first vaccines – WOW! They will be eight weeks old on Saturday!
They have their paparazzi shoot on the 22nd and will be making some special announcements after that!
They also have another play date scheduled for tomorrow!
Thank you, Cassy, for loving on them today as they were brought in, and out by myself and some of my fantastic work colleagues! They got to hang out in the sun – they will soon be able to get out of the xpen! – have a snack, water, play, and pounce all over Cassy! 
Miss Nola – has a Grade 1/2 HM – it could be harmless, she could outgrow it, and we will monitor closely. Her hind end is strong now! YAY!
All puppies were re-weighed, thoroughly checked over, had their nails done, loved on, smooched, and they have their next de-worming plus will be old enough to begin flea/tick/hw meds. We will do that tomorrow. Having had their first vaccines today, they had a busy enough day.
Puppy 1 – 0.38 kgs – deceased as of 8:49 AM Thursday, August 4th(passed away just hours after they were surrendered to rescue)
Puppy 2 BHRR’s Nola – (Miss Fighter Bean)
August 4th – 0.38 kgs as well
August 8th – 0.62 kgs (1 lb, 6 oz)
August 11th – 0.82 kgs (1 lb, 12.8 oz)
September 15th – 4.9 kg (10.78 pounds)
Puppy 3 BHRR’s Beaver(Bev) – (Miss Explorer Bean)
August 4th – 0.48 kgs
August 8th – 0.71 kgs (1 lb, 9 oz)
September 15th – 4.7 kgs (10.34 pounds)
Puppy 4 BHRR’s Albar – (Mr. Warrior Bean)
August 4th – 0.46 kgs
August 8th – 0.79 kgs (1 lb, 12 oz)
September 15th – 5.2 kgs (11.44 pounds)
Puppy 5 BHRR’s Maybelle Cutie – (Miss Diva Princess Bean)
August 4th – 0.56 kgs
August 8th – 0.99 kgs (2 lbs, 3 oz)
September 15th – 5.3 kgs (11.66 pounds)
Puppy 6 BHRR’s Ayla (Miss Busy Mobile Bean)
August 4th – 0.64 kgs
August 8th – 0.79 kgs (1 lb, 12 oz)
August 11th – 1.03 kg (2 lbs, 3.6 oz)
September 15th – 4.7 kgs – same as BHRR’s Bev (10.34 pounds)
*We know that she was ‘chill’ due to still battling aspiration pneumonia yet is now a busy bean!
All puppies other than Miss Bev, prominently resemble Labs. Miss Bev is now losing more of her browns/brindles and is developing a stunning wavy black coat down her spine/sides. Lab yup, yet what else?! It does not matter at the end of the day!
These are the items that we are still in need of:
What we still urgently need:
1) Essentials XL puppy pee pads – we are now working on going outside, yet, we still need more as they become housebroken. At six weeks of age, they are doing amazing!
2) Large breed puppy toys, please, not small or toy. They will be too small – desperate for!
3) Downy or Gain liquid fabric softener
4) a 14 kg bag of PVD Large Breed Essential Care kibble
5) Five Wiggle Bumz collars – quick release buckle 14-16″ – for when they can wear collars, width 1.0″
6) 2 x Dirty PawPrint Dog Runners – so much easier to wash/keep clean and is soft, durable, and very comfy!
Financial donations can be made via PayPal or via email transfer at
Donations can be dropped off in Kanata at a mutually convenient date/time OR snail mailed to or dropped in our donation shed:
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0