On December 8th, we were tagged by another Rescue in re: to a special needs Great Dane needing urgent assistance.

~2 – we feel he is more like 15 months. This is a male, unaltered special needs Great Dane that the O. thinks they have had for about a year.

He is being re-homed due to a divorce. The information posted said he is about 120 pound. In the one pic posted he looks quite thin and I would say ~65-70 pounds.

He is also due for vaccines, Rabies – O. says December 25th, yet, there is no prior vaccine history records being handed over as the O. said that they do not have a Veterinarian.

Per the home, the dog has anxiety issues – barking, not like being left alone – along with lack of training and 2 times has made a mouth connection over food. Did not break skin.

Some additional comments by an assessment made by the group that went to see him and posted seeking assistance for him is below:


Our assessment: we believe there are limitations to sight and hearing but was able to have the dog respond to being called by name and hand signals with some patience. NO manners (barks for attention, jumps, nips (no mark or broken skin) when frustrated on leash/restrained. Moderate anxiety (was told he was previously crate trained but not for the last year with the current owner) dog is currently given free roam of the house and property (is allowed to jump through an open porch window to come and go as he pleases- we don’t believe he is walked on leash). We believe anxiety would resolve or greatly improve with proper boundaries/safe place and exercise. The home is not stable or safe (was informed room-mates have substance abuse issues and the environment of the home changes quickly) and he is deteriorating. He needs a very experienced handler who is comfortable providing the structure this boy never had. We don’t feel that he is aggressive just frustrated and pushy, very puppy like but in a Dane body. We were told he has lived with children and a small-med dog in the past, but we would not recommend placement with either, until a structured decompression period has passed and he can be properly assessed.