BHRR’s Volt!


So much I want and feel I need to say yet, I am just a wee bit choked up right now….

This was really one of the most loveliest and meant to be approved adoptions yet, it was also one that I did a truly rare well up while I was still at the home visit.

Kept my head down, hat pulled down low and whispered as I kissed Miss Volt good-bye that I loved her very much and that so many came together to see her successfully rehabilitated and that she is now where she is meant to be for her amazing future…. 

We took so much flack from a few that felt that this outstanding beautiful girl should have been put to sleep over us coming together to help her be the awesome dog she is today – happy and healthy – and now adopted!

This is what we do, why we are here – to help those dogs that others cannot or will not and our mandate has been to be strongly focused on the special needs since our inception in 1996.

BHRR’s Volt – there shall never be the right words that I could possibly type here to tell people who felt you were not deserving; that they could not have been more wrong.

We never gave up, you never gave up and your fans and not just your BHRR village yet, army never gave up! So many rallied around you and assisted us in paying your enormous bills and when you were ready, giving you play dates and play visits, demonstrating that the world has far more caring loving hands/arms over hurting ones.

You are the best ambassador to your breed and your forever loving adoptive home does plan to tap into your potential for therapy work and even agility! 

Your new wonderful family is going to help you write your next fantastic chapters and novels and books and stories!

My heart is so light and heavy all at once and that tightness in my throat is only because I adore you and you have been part of my family for so long and shall always be forever more….yet, today, was the day that we all worked so hard for…..what we always wanted for you and yes, you lived a grand life with us. However, now, you will live that grand life with others that already have fallen in love with you! 

Thank you again to this really lovely home in considering adoption and in going through our thorough adoption process.

This makes 5 BHRR approved adoptions since October 25th – and our re-opening due to COVID – and that makes 5 great dogs in 5 great adoptive homes for the holiday season!

AND so worth the long drive to see Miss Volt be adopted!