Got him!!

We are calling him BHRR’s Dean!
*in honour of one of my all time fav nail clients at the Hospital I used to work at!
*For a couple of wonderful reasons we are going to call him this name. 

Making the drive home now and on Sunday, he will be vetted at EVC as he has no prior vet history.

We will do his pre-op blood work in prep to neuter him and test for prior exposure to tick borne diseases and heartworm, begin his vaccine protocols, place him on flea/tick/heartworm preventative and de-worm him.

He will have a thorough exam and whatever else the Vet feels he requires, he shall have.

His body condition is great – needs a bit of muscle mass plus toning – and he has some skin tags yet, nothing on my initial assessment makes me worried.

His nails are super long yet, we have been told that he hates his feet touched so that will be a work in progress and we will cut them as short as we can when he under anaesthetic being neutered.

Once I can better handle him; I will get a better idea of any concerns to have investigated in depth.

He was super friendly when I picked him up and we shall see how he settles in with the canine crew and how he meets other humans!

I love the frosting on his face…got to love the masking gene!!

Thank you to Christie from the shelter in reaching out to us and for Sam for driving him much closer to meet me!

Welcome to BHRR Mr. Dean!