Someone was groomed today.

BHRR’s Miss Mollie(Saint Bernard / Standard Poodle Mix).

Unfortunately, during COVID-19 her temp foster was not keeping up with her grooming needs and today, that was addressed.

Thank you to Melissa of Groomingdale’s and to Bre of PV Stittsville for being so incredible in getting her in so fast! 

She also was seen at work today, weighed 35.6 kg (78.32 pounds) and had her repeat blood work to be sent to the lab (quant C6) as she tested positive for Lymes when she first arrived to our rescue. At that time, she was given a round of Doxycycline for treatment based upon her blood work results.

Her Vet requested to have the bloodwork repeated in the spring, yet COVID-19 interfered with that.

So, we did it tonight.