Deaf/IS/Neuro, almost 5 month old female black Lab Puppy (Born February 10th, 2020)

This is an owner surrender and as I have stated so many times since 1996; good owners do have to let their beloved pets go.

This girl has had seizures since she was 6 weeks of age, had Encephalitis which caused her to be deaf and we also suspect some vision impairment.

She has also developed neuro issues and when overstimulated she becomes focused and will prey drive due to the intensity of the level of excitement.

Owners worked so hard to do right by her, consulted a ‘trainer’ who advised to use an e-collar and it was kept on her 24/7 and she developed burns on her neck.

The use of the e-collar has made her behaviour worsen and with four small children in the house, this puppy has escalated due to the poor owners not being given the proper direction, support and guidance, to having bit two of their four small children twice- their son when she was 10 weeks of age(he was 2) and then recently, ther almost 6 year old daughter. She had taken the half check martingale, took the puppy off of the couch and then not long afterwards went to kiss the puppy.

Labs make great family pets and this home is no stranger to labs.

They have done SO much for her and now, with the love that they have for her; they want what is best for her and will surrender her to our strongly special needs focused rescue.

She has lived with four small children, another dog, a cat and she was loved beyond measure.

ETA to BHRR being worked on and once again, please join us in surrounding this lovely home – I spent almost 45 minutes talking to the one O. myself today – in support and caring kindness.

They are doing the right thing as the only other option is to have her put to sleep and they know that she is a wonderful puppy that needs more than they can give and their children’s safety has to be a priority.

We look forward to welcoming her to BHRR.