Fox Red Lab

He says it is time!

He is finally ready to make his own special announcement!

He will only be approved to be adopted to a home that is going to be proactive with his seasonal and food allergies.

It has taken close to $4,000 to successfully rehabilitate this gorgeous boy and he needs to remain on a fish based food plus Apoquel.

A home that is going to be committed plus dedicated to ensuring that he never has his health and happiness compromised ever again.

He can go to a home that works part-time, full-time, from home, is semi or even fully retired. Another BHRR versatile dog!

He is crate trained, wiggly to do nails, fine to bathe with his special shampoo and his leash manners have greatly improved yet, he can still be that bulldozing boy. A diamond in the rough! 

His amazing foster Mama has been working so diligently on his worry re: stairs and he is so proud of himself when he does them! We are EQUALLY proud of you Mr. Percival! 

He can still exhibit some car anxiety and passively ignoring after a reassuring word is so important.

He wants to love everyone yet, still becomes worried over meeting people once in awhile and giving him some space, not looking so tall and offering a treat, then passively ignoring greatly helps him. That he may not take the treat is not what matters. What matters is the positive experience that he is getting and seeing that he is ok.

He is super friendly, affectionate, a true ham of a personality fun filled boy…..he just lacked the proper socialization as a puppy and the home that turns out to be his right matched forever loving home will see that their patience will pay off in huge dividends.

He does not need to be babied. That is setting him up for failure.

His foster mama has been showing him what a wonderful world it can be and he is thriving!

He is great with other dogs plus cats and has come a long way in learning how to play with toys! Such a hoot to watch him in action!

Thank you again to Josée Lavoie Pet Photography for the stunning pictures of this gorgeous boy.

Thank you once more from our hearts to his fabu foster home for all that they have and are doing for him!

We will not adopt him to a home with children under the age of 12. Small children are fast, flighty and unpredictable and he needs stability, consistency plus structure. We want him to be treated like the prince he is.

We would love to see him adopted to a home that has at least one right matched personality fit dog and/or cat residing in it. We will consider homes that do not have any other pets yet, they must have a strong doggie network in place for him to have friends to play plus socialise with. He was so alone prior to rescue and he needs friends just as we do!

He is a healthy happy active plus affectionate boy and settles down in the home when it is time to relax and chill. Great for long walks and in turn, watching movies by the fireplace type of boy.

The healthier he has become, the happier he has become and his Foster Mama has been working on his manners and he is such a good student!

BHRR’s Pervical, we will never regret stepping up to assist you despite the back lashing we took and your successful rehabilitation reinforces why we do what we do and why we need to stand strong for those who have no voice!

Congratulations to you and we are beyond excited for your future!