BHRR’s Royal ‘Blu’
~5.5 year old Special Needs Male GD

He was adopted out 6 months ago by another Rescue.

They performed two surgeries on his front legs as he was born with a congenital deformity – they remain abnormal yet, his mobility has greatly improved. We will have our own ortho specialist exam him also. Maybe there is more that we can do, most likely not as the Rescue that had him has taken amazing plus excellent care of him.

We have been informed that he ‘gallops around like your typical happy Dane’. BHRR’s Mavie, Our Ironman can relate to that having had four surgeries on his own front legs.

We are told that he love kids and is good with other dogs, people etc. and was adopted to a home with two children, 5 & 8.

Unfortunately, recently, an incident occurred in the adoptive home.

We have been told that this boy has always been a ‘bit iffy’ around food & has demonstrated past behaviours of some food resourcing issues.

He was in the kitchen when food was being prepared and one of the children was also in the kitchen, petting/touching him.

To be honest, let me state that if this Dane wanted to cause damage he could have and did not. He snapped and as the child is as tall as he is, a connection was made – and I have seen a picture of the bite. Bruising, teeth grazing with one spot from the angle of the picture that I can see broken skin. A scary moment for all involved. 

This was not an easy decision for this home who adopted him to return him to the Rescue. In turn, the rescue reached out to BHRR to see if we could safe harbour him.

We are here to 100% support the rescue and this adoptive home during this truly heart-wrenching time.

The wonderful Rescue does not wish to see him put to sleep and asked if we could step up to assist.


We are now working on an ETA for him as our financial situation is extremely tapped with the further unexpected Vet Bills for BHRR’s Coupe.

Yet, no one wishes to see him put to sleep and I know that the Rescue that he is currently with would not see that ever happen and we are honoured to be here.

We thank this Rescue for all that they have done to date for him and we remain keeping his previous adoptive home in our hearts and thoughts. It is a tragic situation……just tragic.

Please join me in expressing those sentiments…..