My last post of my night!

Even by putting across an xpen to keep them out of the kitchen for safety, trying to bake some famous homemade Boerskins cinnamon buns meets with a fan club! 

Our three blind/deaf mice and you can see their Mama – BHRR’s Meadow in the background.

We want to send out our biggest and most heartfelt of thanks to everyone that stepped up to be special Secret Santa’s and to those that sent extra pessies to help make sure that no one was missed! YOU have given the BHRR dogs a really amazing XMAS! One that so many have never experienced in their lives of safety, health, happiness and love. THANK you! 

I know people are waiting for our traditional Xmas Eve Photo shoot yet, in working XMAS Eve and throughout the Holidays, this photo shoot will have to be delayed for a few more days!

Thank you also from our hearts to each and every person that stepped up to assist us with the blind/deaf mice! They are now over 14 months of age and only BHRR’s Glacier is beginning to show some of the DM health signs of IS at this time……

I shall also be removing Summit’s remaining eye – he does not see from it – yet, our hope to allow him to keep it, has not panned out as we wished. He also is battling chronic eye infections and is in great discomfort these days. He will join his siblings who had double eye eneucleations earlier in 2019.

Without all of you, they would not have been able to have this opportunity of a great quality filled life and they live their best lives every day!

They romp and roam in our 3+ acres with all of the other dogs and we continue to not treat them as being different.

Their noses are finely honed in with the scent training I have done with them and their touch training continues to excel.

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, please know how much we appreciate you and do be safe out there over the next day or so….the weather and roads shall be brutal. Good night from us to all of you!