BHRR’s Percival VIDEO’S!

He is recovering wonderfully from his neuter and on January 3rd shall be in for his Lepto/Lymes Vaccines. From there, he will be scheduled for professional photo’s and his boosters.

After that, he shall be ready to make his special announcement!

BHRR’s Percival, as with all of our dogs, shall only be adopted to that right matched personality fit home meant for him! He will only go to a home that will ensure that he is not neglected ever again. A home that has the financial means to stay on top of his food and seasonal allergies.

He is now close to $3,000 for us to work on his successful rehabilitation. His skin and ear infections plus anal fistula’s have all be treated and he remains on his Apoquel plus his Doxycycline treatment having also been diagnosed as being Lymes Positive.

Thank you to all that have stood strong by us over the past shy of 24 years, enabling us to do right by each and every dog that has needed us and understanding that r/q Rescue is not ever about winning any popularity contests.

BHRR’s Percival, Merry Christmas to you and thank you to your temp foster Mama for taking such excellent care of you! 

He now knows how to play with toys, is still nervous of stairs – will go down yet not up – yet one baby step at a time and the healthier he has become, the even more wonderful he has also become!

You are going to be a true treat to that right matched forever loving home when it is your time, Mr. P.!