Miss Mollie is not impressed!
(1 year old Saint Bernard/Standard Poodle)

I took her with me to get the mail and on the way, noted that deer had knocked down part of our top row of horse fencing.

So, I safely secured Miss Mollie to one of the gate posts and took the 25-30 minute to fix the top rung of fencing in that area.

She was NOT impressed that I would stop the stroll that was ‘all’ about her to get the mail in this lovely fall weather! 

She is nowhere ready to be trusted off leash and so we go for walks/hikes and she gets to run with freedom in our 3+ acre fenced in yard in addition to 30 acres of our horse pasture…..

She is a bit of a diva princess!

She remains on her course of strong antibiotics for the Lymes disease and will have a recheck at the end of the month.

She is going to make a home a truly fabu addition when we get her healthy! 

She is also going to be our recipient of our 8th annual ‘Give it up 4 Autumn’ fundraiser that shall begin in early November!