BHRR’s Fletcher is determined to give me more grey/white hairs or a heart attack…..

After successfully recovering from being caught in a poachers snare back in February while on a play date and de-gloving a good part of his leg and foot – took 5 surgeries….this is what he did on his play date just now! 

About one hour ago, I got a panicked call from the home saying that he was doing his usual with their dogs; running/playing through the bushes and trees and when he came back for his ‘check in’ treat; this was his foot….

We are back into Emerge and at least one more surgery plus lots of antibiotics/pain meds for him.

Dear sweet boy, you are so determined to be your own $10,000 dog in Vet Bills…..

Please keep him in your thoughts and if anyone may consider helping us with his Vet bills, donations can be made via:

PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

This is not how I wanted his or my night to go…….