As Promised! An Update on BHRR’s Volt!
She is the 3 month old Rottie Baby that was electrocuted.
She has severe oral burns to her mouth, gums and lips. She had a lot of necrotic tissue that was removed and continues to be removed.
Behind her back molars and both sides of her mouth are very ulcerated. The right side of her mouth is the area that is causing the most concern at this time as it is not healing as well as the rest of her mouth. She is still having some bloody drool/saliva yet a lot less than it was along with the putrid smell.
Her pain was so extreme that she could not eat and she also became dehydrated.
This adorable photo is of her enjoying her excellent pain meds plus sedation so that her mouth could be re-examined and the dead/dying tissue addressed again.
She had received no prior Vet care and a fecal test diagnosed her with roundworms plus exposure to Giarrdia. She is being proactively/preventatively dewormed.
She remains on Metacam, Gabapentin as well as Clavaseptin plus her mouth is rinsed out twice daily with DentaChlor.
She went from 13.7 kg on Tuesday to a weight of 14.8 kgs on Wednesday now that she is eating and drinking better as her pain management regime is making her comfortable as she heals.
I had been told that she may have permanent nerve/tissue damage yet nothing that would be of any major concern and she is gorgeous regardless of how she looks!
Right now, she looks like she swallowed a bunch of bees and was stung, her wee face and her tongue are that swollen.
He tongue even sticks out as it is too big for her wee mouth right now.
She really could use your love plus support! 
Donations can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 as when she was released from the care of the wonderful Alta Vista’s Emergency, she went to KAH for her Urgent Care and will remain with them for all of her proactive/preventative care too.
OR via email transfer to
OR via PayPal to
On behalf of this sweet baby, thank you for any consideration and good night wishes being sent from her to her loving village!