The Dane Trio pups were at KAH tonight for their boosters plus pre-op bloodwork and latest exams! 

I want to thank Martina with all that I am for I could not have done this without her! She also helped clean up two pees plus one poop and anyone that would do that is a superstar great person in my books! 

They are now three months old! 

Summit was 19.1 Kgs(42.02 pounds)
BHRR’s Sleet was 15 Kgs(33 pounds) 
BHRR’s Glacier was 16.4kgs(36.08 pounds)

I am so proud of my babies as they were so great with everything! Poked, prodded, examined and I even did nails. 

Per their truly lovely Vet, she feels that it also may be best to remove Summits second eye too. I will reach out to the specialist, Dr. Philibert to let him know and when he examines them the day of surgery, if, for any reason he thinks that eye could be saved, he can advise.

This picture is of the extremely affectionate, snuggle bunny handsome BHRR’s Glacier with the beautiful Martina. 

Even their Vet commented on how much better yet, again from their last Vet visit they were with handling, touching and all of the sights, smells etc. 

Their noses picked up the scent of treats in a nano second as soon as we got into the one room! 

We are still needing just under $2,700+tx for their eye eneucleation surgeries which will include their alters plus BHRR’s Sleet’s hernia repair. 

We will have our flash auction up and running by Sunday night and there are still three spots left in our February 8th business and/or home puppy love Valentine Event!