We wish everyone to meet BHRR’s Volt. 

She is the 3 month old Rottie Puppy that was electrocuted on Friday January 25th and was brought to the wonderful Alta Vista Emergency on Sunday January 27th.

I have had three lovely conversations with Dr. McIsaac of Alta Vista’s ER today. She is a Vet that I have known for a long time and is one that I deeply respect, trust and love!

She passed along some additional history on this puppy whom we have renamed to *Volt*. A new name for a wonderful new beginning!

Apparently, she chewed on a microwave cord on Friday.

From her records:

“When she presented to Alta Vista on the Sunday; her face was swollen, she had notable bleeding from her mouth, a foul odour was eminating from it and burn marks and ulcerations were noted on her lips and gums.”

She was placed on fluid therapy, given pain relieving medication including codeine, antibiotics and oral rinses.

BHRR’s Volt is on Clavaseptin, Gabapentin, Metacam plus her mouth is rinsed with Detachlor and also a mixture called “Pink Lady Oral Rinse” – a mix of Sulcrafate, Lidocaine etc.

Per Dr. McIsaac, as she was beginning to eat a bit of soft food and drink some – as her pain was being better controlled – poor baby; she released her into my arms tonight for continued supportive care.

BHRR’s Volt will then come to work with me to Kanata Animal Hospital tomorrow as her care is being transferred over to our equally amazing Vet team there. So, she was booted from Emergency Level Care and will enter the care of KAH for the remainder of her urgent care plus all proactive/preventative care.

Per Dr. McIsaac, she has necrosis mostly behind her back molars yet her right side of her mouth is quite ulcerated, more so than the left side.

WHAT a brave girl! So brave!

Than you again to the truly lovely and compassionate Dr. Jones for reaching out to us last night asking if we could assist this sweet Rottie Baby…..

BHRR had to act fast and thank you to Sean for being supportive in having us step up to save her. Like many groups, the bills run high, the food runs low yet……yet….

Sometimes, the right thing to do is dig deep and keep having faith that she will have a village surround her with what she needs.

Kanata Animal Hospital will take direct donations and can be reached at 613-836-2848

If anyone can spare even $5, please from the bottom of our hearts, donations can be made:

Email Transfer: contactbhrr@gmail.com


PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org (friend & family option so we do not pay fees)

We promise to continue to update as we can and from my heart, my soul and with all that I am, please know that your consideration is truly lifesaving…..

NOTE: With everything that has come to pass so fast, I am way behind in connecting with all of the winners of our 6th Annual Breaking Bills Online Auction. I thank you for your patience and understanding as it will take me a few days to complete.