BHRR’s Bogart!
The amazing Weim – ~5 years of age

He is ready to make his own special announcement!

This sweet amazing boy has reached deep into my heart plus soul. He is such a WOW dog!

He can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, is semi-retired, retired etc. as he is yet another versatile BHRR dog.

He is great with other dogs and can go to a home that already has a right matched personality fit dog or as an only dog – as long as he has his own strong social doggie network with friends for just as we need friends, he does too!

I LOVE how he seems to smile and when he greets me, the special way he opens his mouth and makes the softest of sounds, melts my heart even further.

He is calm – yes, a calm weim!, sweet, social, kind, gentle, loves people and it is unknown 100% how he is with cats – integration would be key yet he has proven excellent with those he has met to date. 

We do not wish to see him in a home with children under the age of 10. He is so chill and quiet and we want a home that is just like him! 

A home that will NOT make him become obese like so many weims we see out there. He is lean and has developed much in the way of much needed muscle mass plus tone. He loves his walks and play time and is a low to very low moderately active boy. 

He is playful – loves to play fetch! – yet he is not an overly active dog, loves to keep me company while I work on the computer and a better movie/tv companion, you would be hard pressed to find!

He has excellent manners, is bilingual and travels beautifully in a car. 

He no longer suffers from SA and needs a right matched personality fit home that will not set him up for failure, creating triggers that will bring this up and bubbling over. 

He is crate trained, house broken and great to do nails plus baths. He is tolerant of his ears being cleaned – not his fav thing but the treats he gets afterwards, wins him over!  😀

His coat is gorgeous plus healthy now and he is a very happy dog. No longer confused, terrifed and worried….

Letting this dear man go will bring much in the way of tears my way yet he does not me any longer and he deserves to make another home feel so bright, warm and make them full of smiles! His personality is excellent and he is extremely well balanced plus rounded. 

I cannot measure in words my love for you BHRR’s Bogart and thank you for gracing my heart and home! 

Your rescue pulled so many wonderful people together and though I was out of the country, I was determined along with so many others that you would be saved….

Always remember my dear Bogie, that you are worthy, you are deserving and you are so loved!

YOU DID it Bogie! You did it! I am so proud of you!