BHRR’s Keg
8 month old Berner(Born February 5th, 2018)

He is ready to make his own special announcement!

Thank you again to his incredible Vet Team at KAH and also to his fabu Neurologist Dr. Chauvet plus the lovely Dr. Schwartz of Alta Vista AH for everything that was done to medically assist him in becoming healthy!

THANK you to each and every angel that donated funds and supported him so strongly so that he could become this happy, ham of a personality filled puppy!

The puppy that had Ultrasound, X-rays, a CT Scan, exams, IV fluids, meds, bloodwork etc. is now this really monkey man of a healthy pup!

He is crate trained, house-broken, great on leash and makes an awesome car traveller!

He likes to talk and welcomes me home with the best filled with joy sounds! 

He is great with other dogs, has proven fine with cats – integration is key though! and though he is still unsure at times of some people – treats and passively ignoring quickly wins over his curious side plus tummy!

This boy could easily become obese WHICH is not good for his hind end at all – handsome to all that know and love him, like so many berners, he was not bred well and suffers from poor conformation in the hind end – little rear angulation. This does not hold him back and it is us that have to make sure that he does not overdo it! No dog should ever become fat.

He is a charmer, a flirt with a big mischievous side. AND oh, he has that wonderful giggle provoking ‘selective hearing’. He is a real hoot!

Patience, time, consistency, understanding with a positive balanced structure has has allowed him to flourish.

No dog should ever be man-handled and this sweet boy would just be broken if someone rushed or used anything less than the positive balanced approach he needs.

He is not overly active. Loves to play and tussle with his bff our Denali and can be quite the talker during play. Chasing is not his forte…face-planting tends to be the result as he cannot go the same speed as the other dogs yet he does try…his heart is so in love with life. 

He likes to nibble other dogs butts during play and we have worked on the ‘gentle’ command.

He can go to a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is retired or semi-retired.

He can got to a home with children as young as 8 if said right matched personality fit home has kids.

We would love to see him in a home with at least one right matched personality fit dog yet we would consider homes without any dogs as long as the home had a strong social doggie network in place for him. He needs friends too!

Eash to wash, do nails, ears and even easier to adore this boy! 

So happy for your BHRRs’ Keg! You also DID it! You overcame SO much in your rehabilitation to be able to make your own special announcement!

Equally immensely proud of you ‘Keggie’!